Rosemary & Thyme Natural Candle

Rosemary & Thyme Natural Candle

  • £27.50 Large Votive - 200g
  • £10.99 Classic Votive - 65g

Rosemary oil has a crisp and refreshing herbal fragrance, which is naturally stimulating, reviving and invigorating.  Thyme essential oil has a spicy aroma and has inspired different poets, from Virgil to Kipling, who wrote about "thyme that smells like the dawn of paradise". We’ve blended the two to make an essentially English candle – burn at home to lift your spirits.  Or… many people are using it as a luxurious cook’s candle to gently banish kitchen odours.

All our candles are 100% natural and handmade in small batches using a soy wax from a sustainable source and only the finest essential oils.

You will enjoy an approximate burn time of 50 hours from our 200g large votive candle, whilst our 65g classic votive candle has an approximate burn time of 12 hours.

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