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Our story

Our story began a few years ago when we made our first batch of Orange & Clove Christmas Candles for some friends using an old slow cooker on a kitchen table....  

Our reputation has grown, and so have we.  We have moved from a stall at Spitalfields Market to the High Street, but our guiding principle hasn’t changed - "To make a 100% natural soy candle that shines more brightly than the others".  

We make our candles using a soy wax from a sustainable source, and only the finest aromatherapy-grade essential oils - and absolutely nothing else! Wherever possible we use organic oils, or those made from UK-grown plant and herb extracts. The result - we think - is a luxury scented candle that gently fills any room with a beautiful, clean fragrance without you inhaling paraffin fumes or nasty synthetic perfumes as part of your candle-burning experience!

We are very proud of our candles, and really hope that you will enjoy them too. If you have any questions or ideas, or just want to say 'hello' please get in touch.  


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