Orange & Clove Reed Diffuser

Orange & Clove Reed Diffuser

  • £30.00 100ml

Our reed diffusers are lovingly hand-blended and hand-poured in London. 100 % pure aromatherapy grade essential oils are added to the carrier base, which is produced from soya-based renewable sources.

The sweet orange, Citrus sinensis, is believed to have originated in South East Asia. Although oranges had certainly been cultivated in China for centuries before arriving in Europe, the name 'orange ' itself comes from the Sanskrit word "narangah ", which means 'fragrant'. The sweet, fresh tangy smell of orange essential oil is used in aromatherapy to create the feeling of happiness and warmth.

The first recorded use of cloves is by the Chinese in the first century BC, when Emperors of the Han Dynasty expected people to approach them with a clove in their mouth, to ensure sweet-smelling breath.  Clove oil has a warm, earthy, spicy and slightly sweet scent. It calms and refreshes the mind and lifts depression.

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